Introduction to Electrical Cables

Our new one-day course provides delegates with the knowledge they need to specify, purchase, maintain and extend the life of electric cables from Low voltage (LV) wiring up to Extra High Voltage (EHV) systems. 

Covering the basics of cable specifications and procurement, cable design, cable accessory design and cable ratings, our introductory course helps delegates select suitable cable systems to reduce the risk and cost of failure. 

Failure of electric cables or components in a cable system not only causes significant disruption to business operation, but can also have severe financial consequences. RINA’s brand new course covers:

  • All aspects of cable procurement, design, manufacture and use
  • How to detect possible defects in the cable
  • An overview of cable ratings, ensuring that delegates are fully conversant with all aspects of cable life and management 
  • A tour of the RINA Consulting cable testing and failure analysis facility is included in the training

Course trainers

Dr. Alan Friday Head of Engineering Design and Performance, RINA

Alan is a technologist and engineer specialising in cable systems and polymeric materials. Alan works on cables and accessories for system voltages up to 400kV, advising clients on design and testing aspects as well as carrying out factory audits and failure investigations.

He has carried out life prediction programmes employing different accelerating factors including using electrical stress, elevated temperature and mechanical load. Alan is member of the British Standards committee on cable accessories GEL/20/11 and, he has acted as a UK expert on polymeric materials and cables accessories for international and European working groups.

Ben Hickman Electrical Engineer, RINA

Ben joined RINA Consulting (previously Edif ERA) in 2010 as an engineer in the Asset Integrity department.  Ben has undertaken work in the fields of electrical testing and design, condition assessment and forensic engineering. His projects have included the calculation of cable ratings, partial discharge testing and finite element modelling.

Ben has also carried out examinations of failed equipment including busbars, transformers, surge arresters, high voltage switchgear and electric motors.


Mark Coates Cable Engineering Consultant, RINA

Mark’s expertise involves failure analysis, testing, specification review and expert witness activities. He is also involved in BSI technical committees including the technical committee and panels maintaining the IET Wiring Regulations, BS 7671.

Mark’s responsibilities relate to the theoretical and practical work used to determine current ratings for specialised power cable installations.  He carries out calculations and measurements of induced voltages and magnetic fields generated by loaded power cables.

Nick Blackman Principal Engineer, RINA Consulting

Nick Blackman specialises in cable systems. During his 10 years at RINA Consulting (previously Edif ERA), Nick has been involved in a variety of projects on LV and HV cable systems including failure analysis, design assurance, testing and materials selection.

Nick has carried out technical audits on a wide range of manufacturers in Europe, South Korea and Japan. He has also undertaken studies on the effects of drilling fluids on cable materials and he is a supervisor for the RINA Consulting materials test laboratory and UKAS accredited petrol pipe approvals facility.