API 580: Risk Based Inspection

RINA's online training course helps delegates prepare for the API 580: Risk-Based Inspection examinations. API 580 is aimed at inspectors who currently possess in-service inspection certification, such as API 510, API 570 and API 653, but is equally relevant to personnel that conduct Fitness For Service (FFS) assessments to API 579 and/or conduct Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessment to API 580/581.

Throughout the refining and petrochemical industry, RBI is becoming an accepted and dominant methodology to schedule fixed pressure equipment inspections. If done correctly, it can reduce the frequency of inspections while ensuring the risk does not increase.  Conversely, it can shorten inspection frequencies should the risk necessitate it.  It stands to reason, therefore, that those involved with the RBI process should possess some form of training and certification to prove their competency in RBI.

The aim of API 580 is to provide inspectors with the knowledge they need to be able to demonstrate expertise in the RBI techniques. RINA Consulting's online training covers all aspects of API 580 and references the API 581: Risk-Based Inspection Technology.

RINA courses are run in the weeks immediately prior to each exam window so that delegates can benefit from concentrated practice and support in preparation for the exam. Please note, RINA does not book API examinations for the delegates: they must do this directly with API. 

To become an API certified inspector, delegates are required to meet the criteria set by API and pass the formal examinations at an authorised API examination centre.

For those wishing to undertake the API 580 examinations specific to risk-based inspection, RINA offers a strict online training programme with distance learning training modules, including mock examinations and revision guidance.

Delegates must undergo an assessment procedure to undertake this online training.

What is API?

The American Petroleum Institute (API) offers a certification programme for individual in-service inspectors handling the in-service inspection of pressure vessels, pipework and storage tanks. API also manages an expansive catalogue of API “codes” which standardise practice. The programme is a legal requirement for many US states, however, the extension of US ownership to include international facilities and onshore plants along with the lack of a similarly broad scope of recognised standards in other countries, has resulted in the wide adoption of API practice within international plant industries. Thus, many UK regulatory authorities also use these codes to assess evidence of inspector competence. The API certification programme is broken down into a series of API schemes, known as Individual Certification Programmes (ICPs), of which API 580 is one.

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API 580: Risk Based Inspection

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