API 579 Fitness for Service (FFS)

Our three-day modular course covers the techniques of API 579 FFP integrity assessment and how they are applied to corroded and cracked pressure equipment.

RINA's highly practical course is designed to provide delegates with a broad understanding of the failure mechanisms of pressure equipment. Delegates are taught the role of construction codes (ASME BPVC Section V111/B31.1) in FFP assessment of pressure equipment and the principles of “out-of-code” FFP assessments and selected methodologies of API 579. The course is tailored to the specific needs of offshore and onshore engineers who work in the field of integrity assessment.  

Topics covered include, design code margins that enable FFP assessment and corrosion and crack assessments. Delegates learn how to use a Failure Assessment Diagram (FAD). Case study exercises provide them with the opportunity to practice manual calculations. The course is suitable for engineers with an interest in assessing corroded vessels and pipes, handling code and out-of-code assessments but who lack a detailed knowledge of stress analysis.

The training is based on manual calculation examples of the most straightforward API 579 modules, covering non-elevated temperature applications and excluding complex crack analysis. The course is targeted at developing an understanding of the underlying principles rather than specific skills in using proprietary software. Component examples include pipework spools, vessels and piggable pipelines.

Delegates must undergo an assessment procedure to attend this course.

Course assessment is carried out via two methods:

  • On-going assessment during the course, particularly during the participation exercises
  • A written end-of-course test comprising multiple choice and descriptive questions.

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Upcoming course dates

26th - 28th Nov 2019

API 579 Fitness for Service (FFS)

Location:  Leatherhead, UK

classroom: 3 days

Price (ex VAT): £1,950.00

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