An introduction to earthing, lightning protection and EMC requirements for a building

The subjects of earthing, lightning protection and EMC are often misunderstood but are critical aspects of building design. This one-day course sets out the requirements of BS EN 50522, BS EN 62305, the relevant EMC standards, directives and UK legislation. The main design considerations are described and are brought together in a case study showing how these three aspects can be coordinated during the design of a building to improve performance and cost-effectiveness.

Consideration of these three critical aspects early in the design process can avoid significant problems during construction and operation of the building. This is key for the safety of occupiers and for immunity to interference of electronic equipment.

The course will provide a useful overview of earthing, lightning protection and EMC to those involved in all aspects of building design, project management or construction across all sectors. On completion of the course, each delegate will have increased awareness of these subjects, the key requirements and typical design activities associated with them. 

Course trainers

Mark Davies Head of Earthing & Lightning Protection Design, RINA

Mark has over 15 years’ experience of carrying out earthing measurements, assessments, audits and earthing systems design and analysis.

His work has included projects with transmission and distribution substations, wind farms, railway supply substations and gas compressor stations. Mark has provided technical input to standard committees and is currently involved in the updating of ENA TS 41-24.

Robert Knott Senior Engineering Consultant, RINA

Rob is an IET Chartered Engineer with international experience of conducting lightning protection studies including site-based surveys, risk assessments, direct strike 3D software simulations and system design. He is highly experienced in the application of the IEC 62305 standard and its associated risk assessment methodology as well as having detailed understanding of other notable lightning protection standards such as NFPA780 and IEEE 998.

Recently, Rob was selected as the UK regular member representative on the CIGRE Working Group C4.43 “Lightning problems and lightning risk management for nuclear power plants”.


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