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Count on us to deliver critical technical and information resources whenever you need them.

Subscriptions are tailored to your specific requirements and run for a minimum of one year. You pay for a set amount of ‘credits’ that can be used in exchange for services including engineering consultancy, training and publication. Your subscription also gives you access to a comprehensive library & information service and to free copies of our popular e-newsletters ‘Safety and EMC’, ‘RE4view’ and ‘Legislation Alert’. Subscribers also qualify for discounts on some services and you can choose to use your credits on all, or any combination of our services. Once your AccessRINA subscription is in place, no further paperwork is involved. Please download our brochure for more information.

An AccessRINA subscription gives you the power to bolt on;

Satisfied customers say;

“Having instant access to a wide range of proven engineering consultants is one of the key benefits of our subscription.”
RS Components Ltd

“One of the main benefits of our subscription is having access to such good sources of information including updates to changes in directives and standards.”
Horiba Instruments Ltd

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