Understanding the RoHS Directive and how to comply

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The Restriction of certain Hazardous Substance's Directive has now been in place for a decade and covers a growing swathe of electrical and electronic equipment, with new substance restrictions on the horizon. Edif ERA has been helping industry, the European Commission and the UK government understand, implement and comply with the Directive since its inception.

This guide takes the lid off the Directive explaining all the technical requirements, providing practical guidance on how to comply and covering all the key issues and areas of uncertainty.

- Review of RoHS1 and changes in RoHS2-

- Scope, exclusions and key uncertainties

  • Products where electricity does not provide the main function           
  • Fixed installations 
  • Understanding homogeneous materials
  • Understanding the spare parts exclusion substances 
  • Cables
  • Category 11 – other products
  • Category 11 – spares 
  • What does “dependent on electricity for any function” mean?
  • European Commission’s review of scope

- Restrictions

  • Uses of restricted substances
  • Timings
  • Upcoming restrictions

- Compliance and enforcement

  • Enforcement - what is expected by market surveillance authorities?
  • Who is responsible for what?
  • How to comply
  • Supplier declarations and how to interpret them
  • Supplier assessment
  • RoHS substance likelihood
  • Demonstrating compliance: technical documents and use of the harmonised standard
  • Strategies to maximise compliance

- Exemptions

  • How to use
  • How to apply
  • Criteria and how to succeed

- What is the future for RoHS?

Publication author

Dr Paul Goodman Principal Consultant , RINA Consulting

Paul provides consultancy on the EU RoHS, WEEE and Ecodesign Directives and on the REACH regulations.

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