Safety and EMC newsletter

Safety and EMC is EDIF ERA’s premium technical newsletter for designers, suppliers, compliance managers, safety engineers and other professionals in the electrotechnical industry.

This publication provides comprehensive coverage of legislation and industry standards affecting the electromagnetic compatibility, safety and compliance testing of electronic and electrical products in Europe and other major markets across the world, including:

  • EMC Directive
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Radio Equipment Directive
  • IEC standards (including CISPR)
  • ISO, IEEE and ICNIRP publications
  • Medical Devices Directive
  • Machinery Directive
  • Coverage of ever-changing technological developments

Drawing on 60 years of experience in electrical engineering, Edif ERA is able to specifically tailor the technical content of Safety and EMC to the needs of its customers in the electrotechnical industry.

Safety and EMC is drawn up in consultation with an editorial board of engineering specialists.

Publication author

Dr Alex Martin Senior Regulatory Compliance Consultant, RINA Consulting

Alex has wide experience in the manufacturing sector having previously worked in Sony, AMDEA and Gardman.

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