Manpower support

Project needs develop and change on a daily basis. We can supply talented, impartial and forward-thinking experts to support you at any stage in your asset’s lifecycle, supporting your goals for growth and improved performance and safety.

We have an extensive database of experienced and authoritative industry personnel available for placement on short-term and long-term projects. We also offer the option to hire our experts direct, if and when you prefer to have a more permanent relationship.

Our international project staff cover a wide range of disciplines including:

  1. Engineers (electrical, instrumentation and mechanical)
  2. Welding specialists
  3. Site construction/commissioning specialists
  4. Procurement specialists
  5. Materials management personnel
  6. Compliance specialists
  7. Project management personnel
  8. Project coordinators
  9. Project inspectors
  10. NDT technicians
  11. Project expediters

Service datasheets

For more information on our Manpower support services, contact us or call +49 21 61 495280.