Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

We provide bespoke EMC work packages and assessments suitable for all types of projects, giving you reassurance that your critical assets, systems and installations will operate reliably, safely and without interfering with each other or with systems and services operating in the neighbouring environment. In addition, our consultants can assist you in fulfilling contractual and legal requirements in line with the EMC directive and the UK EMC Statutory Instruments.

Our state of the art surveys characterise the electromagnetic environment and determine the EM field strengths around your site from intentional and non-intentional sources of interference, determining the impact on your new development or installation and providing you with suitable mitigation and control measures.

Within the aerospace sector, our EMC consultants are specialists in whole aircraft EMC certification testing and assessments in support of airworthiness, including:

  • High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF) and HIRTA clearance
  • Portable Electronic Devices (PED)
  • airframe and wiring shielding
  • screen termination methods
  • equipment grounding and bonding

EMC protection measures can have a cost, weight and maintenance impact and achieving the right balance can bring significant design benefits.  We provide design approaches consistent with achieving compatibility and minimising the risk of changes due to interference.  We consider the whole aircraft and apply our detailed knowledge of electromagnetic environments, typical aircraft characteristics and potential shortfalls of legacy design approaches.


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