Technical advisory

Our team of experts can coordinate the provision of the following inputs to the design and specification of all technical elements of a successful project, whether grid connected or stand-alone (where applicable).

  • Grid connection: establishment of connection feasibility including capacity under different distribution or transmission voltages, optimisation of connection costs and associated offsite reinforcement works versus onsite customer works, review of grid offers or connection agreements
  • Environmental services: review of pre- and post-commencement environmental works and consent or permit compliance requirements
  • Site investigation: coordination of geotechnical and geo-environmental investigations and studies including land contamination and risk assessments
  • Equipment selection: verification of technical characteristics, regulatory compliance, standard contract terms and historic performance
  • Transportation, access and installation: assessment of delivery constraints, review of highways agreements and third-party access rights, lay down and access track configurations
  • Civil works / mechanical installation: confirmation of the specification of all onsite ground works and / or mechanical installation details. Review of construction, restoration, decommissioning & reinstatement methodologies and statements
  • Electrical Works: review of the onsite works outside of the responsibility of the network operator. Establishment of scope of supply interfaces for equipment supply, installation and testing
  • Ancillary Works: confirmation of the requirements for SCADA telecommunications and metering

Service datasheets

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