Project management

Acting under formal appointment to the project as Owner’s Engineer, we offer a full suite of project management capabilities ranging from a simple onsite construction supervision role to full responsibility for administration of contracts to engagement with all stakeholders.

  • Construction supervision: Site Representation to oversee all construction activity, including responsibility for interface management. Witnessing and inspection of component deliveries, achievement of key milestones, mechanical and electrical completion, tests on completion and site reinstatement. Compilation of snagging lists. Liaison with the relevant electricity network operator for grid energisation and grid compliance testing.
  • Health and Safety: Review of design and construction risk assessments, assistance with establishing safe working practices and site rules, coordination of site Health and Safety file compilation.
  • Contract administration: Acceptance and sign-off of all contract milestone payments, certification of component deliveries, mechanical and electrical completion and tests on completion. Certification of take-over events including issuance of snagging lists. Securing, review and acceptance of as-built drawings and project documentation and certification of project completion.
  • Claims management: Coordination including defect repair or replacement, delay of Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LADs) and repayment of retention sums.
  • Permit & statutory obligation compliance: Overseeing of discharge of suspensive and non-, pre- and post-commencement consent conditions. Coordination of non-material consent variations. Ensuring all third-party environmental or access licenses or easements are secured and maintained.
  • Land rights liaison: Interfacing with the landowner and other stakeholders.

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