We can offer a full suite of development services required to achieve planning approval and receive a grid connection offer for renewable energy projects, to the point where a project can be considered viable for contract tendering and achieve a bankable status.

Site Assessment: The first stage in the development of a project is to review a proposed site from a technical, planning and environmental perspective to identify site constraints and risks, based on which we develop a sensible project design and calculate the potential MW capacity and yield.

Planning: We are fully familiar and experienced with undertaking planning applications for large scale solar, wind, biomass and ESS projects, and manage all the steps involved in the planning process for our clients as follows:

  • Pre-planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening opinion
  • Pre-application consultation with LPA
  • Preparation of all technical drawings
  • Consultation, including public exhibition
  • Preparation and management the planning application
  • Discharge of planning conditions

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