Environmental & social

OST has a wealth of experience in undertaking environmental and social due diligence against Development Agencies and lending institution performance standards, such as IFC, EBRD and Equator Principles.

We can provide services to Developers in support of their planning or permitting and funding requirements through:

  • Environmental and social reviews, for example as part of the site selection process
  • Preparation, management and submission of planning applications, including all required technical information and drawings for projects in the UK
  • Environmental & social scoping studies
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) in-line with Lender requirements
  • Environmental and social management plans

We also have experience in sustainable development and corporate sustainability management, providing organisations with support to help improve the sustainability of their business through the identification of key risks and impacts on the environment and stakeholders.

Service datasheets

To discover how we can assist you with Environmental & social, please contact your info@edifgroup.com