Energy management

OST can provide energy & carbon assessment and compliance services in respect of all building types and for mixed use development covering new build, conversions, and extensions to existing buildings.

Our experienced team includes CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessors and Low Carbon Consultants and we can offer the following services:

  • Assessment of new and existing non-domestic buildings to determine compliance against Building Regulations Part L (SBEM calculations) and to provide commercial Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)
  • Building energy demand analysis, benchmarking, and identification of measures to reduce demand through energy efficiency
  • Energy Statements and Sustainability Reports in support of planning applications for new developments, assessment of opportunities for energy and carbon reductions beyond Part L to comply with Lean-Clean-Green criteria as required under the London Plan
  • Assessment of opportunities for district heating & cooling, Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and building-integrated renewable energy as part of energy strategy development and master planning
  • Renewable heating technology options assessment to identify appropriate alternatives to conventional systems

We can also assist with energy specification from the initial building concept design through the SBEM calculation phase, liaising with the client to help develop the most technically and economically viable solutions.

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