Commercial advisory

Based on a deep understanding of the technical and commercial aspects of procurement, we can help our clients establish the framework for the tender and negotiation of construction contracts.

Our experience in working alongside financial and legal advisors helps our clients to understand project risks and establish mechanisms for their mitigation and / or management; we can assist in reviewing financial model assumptions and establish appropriate levels of general and line item contingency.

  • Form of contract: EPC or multi-contract approaches, on a build-to-design or design-and-build basis, for balance sheet investment, recourse or non-recourse project finance.
  • Procurement: establishment of appropriate Employers Requirements to be incorporated into final contract documents, coordination of formal and informal tenders and assessment of submissions. Under multi-contract scenarios we identify all scope of supply and programme related interfaces.
  • Contract negotiations: whether leading or advising on contract negotiations we apply our knowledge and experience to secure comprehensive technical schedules, appropriate payment terms, periods of defect liability, warranties, Liquidated and Ascertained Damages (LADs) and compensation.
  • Risk assessment and mitigation: preparation of project risk registers and identification of immediate and ongoing options for risk mitigation and management, particularly around scope of supply and programme interfaces, and the effective delivery of the project against all Employer's Requirements.
  • Financial model assumptions: verification of cost implications for risk mitigation, refining of CAPEX and OPEX assumptions from budgets to contract awards, and recommendation of appropriate levels of general and line-item contingency.
  • Energy supply and full ESS tolling arrangements; assistance in independent power purchase agreement (PPA) negotiations for bi-directional, symmetrical or asymmetrical supplier agreements where applicable, and appraisal of tariff regime compliance and optimisation.

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