Systems engineering

Our systems and software engineering team are experienced in working collaboratively within complex engineering programmes from the outset, ultimately giving our clients the confidence that projects will meet performance, schedule and cost requirements.  We have gained broad practical experience in system design, development and testing by participating in and managing multiple hardware, software and integration programmes.

Our systems engineering approach is derived from ISO 15288, IEC 1220 and the INCOSE Systems Engineering Handbook. This approach is combined with a measured application of common sense and pragmatism to ensure we produce the best solutions for our customers within the constraints of the programme.

Service datasheets

For more information on our systems engineering services, contact us or call +44 (0)1372 367345.


Following the acquisition of the Edif Group by the RINA Group last year, we are rebranding our engineering consultancy business, Edif ERA to RINA Consulting.

RINA Consulting has launched a new website and we will be redirecting our engineering consultancy content from in the coming weeks.

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