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Quality eLearning is where the design facilitates the effective delivery of the key learning points through appropriate application of enabling technologies (for all users). It is an aggregation of quality content, careful interface and interaction design, as well as tested technologies. The objective is to facilitate the application of learning theories in support of students with varied learning styles and cognitive abilities. eLearning requires clear communication of objectives written in a language suitable for the target audience.

Edif ERA provide a range of eLearning solutions tailored to suit the requirements of both the client and their learners. Whether you want to deliver theoretical concepts of a subject, software training or require learners to undertake simulated, situational or contextual learning, the Learning Solutions Team has the expertise and experience to design and develop learning resources which relate directly to your requirements.

Edif ERA maintains and applies sound pedagogic practice to the design and development of all learning approaches. This ensures that the methods and media adopted not only provide efficiency in the delivery and assessment, but also facilitate effective knowledge acquisition, contextualisation and competency assessment, which enables learning to occur during all aspects of the training cycle.

We determine learner profiles to ensure the design of learning materials and resources suit the requirements, varied learning styles, as well as expectations of the learners. The experience of Edif ERA's Learning Solutions Team provides integration of innovative, yet supportive instruction and assessment techniques, which are directed by an underpinning knowledge and practical experience of learning theory.

Mobile Learning

In today’s society the use of mobile devices is integrated into the way in which we interact, manage information and organise our lives. Much of the population has either grown up with, or is comfortable using mobile technologies and the internet. The average British teenager has access to, and regularly uses up to six mobile devices, including smart phones, iPods and tablets. People are becoming increasingly happy to explore and experiment with new technologies, as their experience has been one of continual development and innovation – seen as progress, as well as being part of their daily lives.

As people have learnt how to make the most of technology, mLearning has become an important addition to the learning resources portfolio, and is now a highly effective way of providing a range of learning and assessment solutions.

mLearning is often developed in support of a blended approach, providing learners with access to quick reference information, revision materials, quizzes, videos and podcasts, etc. in easily accessible formats.

At Edif ERA we understand that the design and delivery of effective mobile solutions needs to be underpinned by sound learning theory, as well as in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. We produce a range of mLearning solutions, which are tailored to the learners’ requirements, including vendor-specific native applications which the user can download and use at their convenience, through to advanced 3D immersive solutions, and gaming, utilising a range of engines.

Using responsive design mLearning provides system-independent learning, enabling flexible access to learning content and tools across a wide range of mobile vendor devices (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.). The development of single build HTML5 applications provides adaptive solutions for use at different resolutions, making mLearning a cost effective way of disseminating learning for both phones and tablets.

Bespoke eLearning

Through expert instructional design, eLearning solutions provide engaging content delivery in a flexible and consistent approach. eLearning supports varied learning styles and enables the tracking of student progress through courses and assessments. eLearning can include a range of integrated multimedia and learning resources, including video and audio narration, contextual video, graphics and animations, accessible textual support, contextual exercises, assessments and the provision of constructive feedback.

  • Rapid eLearning: This is the simplest approach to elearning and involves the sequential delivery of learning content through the use of text, graphics, animations and video. It can include audio and video narration, tests and online assessments. This is often a cost effective solution, typically used for projects with a limited shelf life, to support lower budgets, or very tight development timelines.
  • Scenario-based eLearning: This form of eLearning is particularly effective for situational/contextual and behavioural learning exercises where the learner is required to be immersed within a training scenario. The learning sequence and content is directed by the choices a learner makes. Such eLearning can include a wide range of learning approaches and utilises a range of rich and interactive media, including character-based simulations and exercises. Scenario-based eLearning can include audio and video narration, tests and online assessments. This is often a cost effective solution, typically used for projects with a limited shelf life, to support lower budgets, or very tight development timelines.

3D Simulation

Edif ERA produces modelling and simulation techniques to provide immersive multimedia training scenarios. Such tools enable the learner to experience situations in a near real world environment, providing contextualisation and deeper understanding of the subject and the implication of decisions.

Such simulations can be used effectively to provide pseudo on the job training, without risk and are frequently used for practice or testing prior to application of learning in a real world environment.

Many subjects benefit from the use of these technologies, especially where training or testing in the working environment, individually or collaboratively, when training with expensive equipment may be considered to be of high risk, for example train driver training or in medical procedures.

We design and develop simulation-based training which provides structured learning experiences, role or task measurement tools and can be linked to targeted teamwork competencies and learning objectives.

Learning Management Systems

As well as producing a range of eLearning and mLearning solutions, at Edif ERA we also provide solutions to the hosting, administration and management of learning content, activities and tracking through the effective design and implementation of Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE), which can be utilised in either an online or blended learning environment.

A Virtual Learning Environment is an environment which learners can access to undertake learning activities. This can be viewed as a learning space similar to a classroom or learning and development department where people can visit, undertake learning or training, partake in discussions, ask questions or undertake exercises and tests. A VLE enables utilisation of a wide range of learning and communication tools, and the distribution of resources which can be utilised within an organisation or accessed remotely by learners online.

A Learning Management System relates to the tools utilised for the administration and management of learning and learners. An LMS will typically enable information on user access, learning progress, competency completion, etc. to be captured and tracked. The LMS aspect of a learning platform provides administrative functionality in terms of user profiles, grades, participation and completion of learning activities / required competencies.

At Edif ERA we understand these differences and tailor the learning environment to reflect the individual requirements of our clients and their learners. We understand that an effective eLearning solution is not just about the development of learning resources, but in the provision of a holistic didactic support structure enabling all users to access and manage data appropriate to the successful implementation of a training or development strategy.

Bespoke Web Applications

Professional consultancy is at the heart of what we do. Increasingly we are tasked to provide analysis and recommendations on business processes. We apply the same high quality analytical methods and standards we would with any other training requirement, with one exception.

Our greatest asset is our people. For more than a decade we have continued to evolve with the markets we operate in to ensure we can provide the best possible service to our clients.

Developing a highly bespoke successful business application involves an intricate collaboration between our senior analysts, our lead web applications architect and the client. Building an application that ‘looks’ the part is relatively easy; ensuring the needs of the requirement are accurately understood, captured and translated into a quality application workflow – that’s the real challenge, and that’s where we succeed.

Whether your requirement is a Learning Management System, a content managed system, or an entirely bespoke solution that integrates with other applications, we can help.

Edif ERA has developed a range of bespoke web applications for the defence and rail sectors. We can provide hosting and support services, or develop to strict client architectural standards and requirements.

Whether it's classic ASP for restricted systems, web services and database integration with systems of systems, or applying the latest technologies in ASP.NET with HTML5; we can provide the complete service to ensure your project is a success.

For more information on our training and learning solutions services, contact us or call +44 (0)1372 367345.


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