Our bioenergy team is geared to provide professional consultancy services in thermal renewable and clean thermal power technologies, and our consultants pride themselves in supporting over 1,000 MW of bioenergy projects worldwide. 

We are specialised in renewable power and heat generation schemes utilising fuels ranging from clean biomass to waste by-products, biogas and residues. We have specific capability on both large scale power only and CHP plants, as well as small to medium scale heat only dedicated biomass boiler projects.

Our core competencies lie in:

  • Woodchip, wood pellets
  • Waste residues (food waste, waste wood, municipal solid waste, waste derived-fuels)
  • Agricultural and farm by-products (animal manure, maize silage, cereal fuels e.g. wheat straw, rice husk, energy crops)
  • Syngas, landfill gas & liquid bio-fuels (bioethanol & biodiesel)
  • Fossil fuels (high efficiency, clean energy applications e.g. natural gas)

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