With the increasing demand to reduce carbon emissions and utilise energy generated from naturally replenished resources, many governments are rethinking their energy sources and exploring viable alternatives to the energy gained from burning fossil fuels.

We provide a responsive, high quality and confidential one-stop consultancy and engineering service to the renewable energy sector covering a variety of schemes including wind, solar, hydro, tidal, nuclear, biomass, ethanol and waste-to-energy. By providing an independent and informed service, we enable our clients to make investment decisions with confidence at any time during the project's lifecycle. Our early involvement offers key advantages in terms of optimising performance whilst reducing risk through site selection, whole-life cost modelling, planning, grid connections, network design, procurement support, vendor inspection, quality assurance services, earthing system design, and efficient asset management strategies.

We support system reliability, a major factor in the profitability of renewable energy projects, by working with the developers, operators and OFTOs to monitor the condition of critical assets during operation, highlighting any issues and providing solutions to help prevent costly failures.  If we are engaged to investigate a failure then our long experience of power generation, transmission and distribution assets helps us get to the root cause quickly so lessons can be learned to prevent similar failures in the future.

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