Efficient generation of electricity, network stability and a reliable continuity of supply are shared goals throughout the power sector. Competition and deregulation, combined with increasing environmental awareness, requires our clients to be assured of the economic and technical viability of their projects, which is fundamental to their success.

We provide a high quality, independent and confidential one-stop consultancy and engineering service to the power industry covering low to extra high voltage power systems. By providing a highly responsive and informed service, we enable our clients to make investment decisions with confidence at any time during the project's lifecycle. Our early involvement offers key advantages in terms of optimising the performance and enhancing the capability of the asset, reducing cost through value engineering reviews, and risk reduction whilst achieving compliance with health, safety and environmental requirements.

We have long been valued and trusted partners on power generation, both onshore and offshore, covering conventional generation as well as renewables such as nuclear, solar, hydro, tidal, geothermal, wind, biomass and waste-to-energy plants. We are dedicated to providing solutions that ensure the continuity of power generation, transmission and distribution, and help you solve any existing issues or prevent future problems.

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Following the acquisition of the Edif Group by the RINA Group last year, we are rebranding our engineering consultancy business, Edif ERA to RINA Consulting.

RINA Consulting has launched a new website www.rinaconsulting.org and we will be redirecting our engineering consultancy content from www.edifgroup.com in the coming weeks.

Please continue to use our website for Edif NDE, jobs, booking training courses and buying publications.