We know that maritime is a fast growing sector that needs a range of complex and capable platforms, all of which require a robust level of design to meet the harsh and demanding environmental conditions. There are also challenges to address in terms of how platforms are supported in port and particularly at sea where there is an initiative to reduce man-power and enable technicians to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on industry.

We support industry prime contractors as part of the whole ship design and suppliers for the provision equipment capability in many areas including communications, navigation and support systems. Our consultants work alongside industry design engineers and the wider user community to ensure key areas such as designing for support and supporting the design are fully considered in terms of safety, training and maintenance.

Our expertise in developing support solutions that meet both availability performance targets and in-service running costs have been well received by the Royal Navy and industry with recognition of our innovative options and commercially smart approach to outsourcing through Contracting for Availability. Our portfolio of Surface Ships has included the Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth Class, Type 26, Type 45 and the Royal Fleet Auxiliary’s Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability platforms. We have also been able to use our extensive experience on Astute class to assist in shaping the future Successor submarine.

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