Edif ERA rebranding to RINA Consulting

5th June 2017, London: Edif ERA (ERA Technology Ltd) is pleased to announce that, from 1st June 2017, the business will be rebranded as RINA Consulting. This follows the acquisition of Edif ERA by the RINA Group in July 2016. 

With a history going back 150 years, the RINA Group is a global corporation that provides engineering and consultancy services, as well as testing, inspection and certification. The RINA Group had an estimated turnover in 2016 of over 450 million Euros, approximately 4,000 employees, and 170 offices in 65 countries worldwide.

RINA Consulting is the engineering consultancy division of the RINA Group and comprises several internationally respected brands including Edif ERA, D’Appolonia and OST Energy. These specialist firms unite into a unique organisation, sharing the common brand identity of RINA Consulting.  

Steve Lancaster, Managing Director of Edif ERA commented: “Being part of RINA Consulting provides exciting opportunities to export our services as well as strengthen our service offering in the UK within systems engineering, materials sciences and innovation. Our people will remain at the heart of our business, and with over 1,700 colleagues in RINA Consulting, we will be able to utilise an extensive network of technical expertise to support our clients now, and in future projects.”

Roberto Carpaneto, CEO of RINA Consulting added: “The establishment of RINA Consulting creates a unique global engineering consultancy, bringing together a range of complementary and expanded service offerings. Combined with an impressive track record and geographical footprint, we are well positioned to strengthen our presence in key sectors such as defence, energy, transport and infrastructure around the world.”


Editor’s Notes:

About RINA (http://www.rinagroup.org)

RINA was established in Italy (Genoa) in 1861 as a classification society to meet the needs of the shipping world. The company has since diversified and today is a multinational provider of testing, inspection, certification and engineering consultancy services to organisations in the Energy, Marine, Business Assurance and Transport & Infrastructure markets.

The company’s strategic acquisitions, continuous investment in R&D and training have resulted in a unique skill set covering the certification of management systems, products, installations and the personnel for companies of all sizes operating anywhere in the world.

As an independent company we deliver our services in full compliance with the principles of professional ethics, impartiality, transparency, confidentiality and social accountability.

RINA has an estimated turnover of over €450 million in 2016, approximately 4,000 employees and 70 offices in 65 countries worldwide.

Consulting and engineering services are provided by RINA Consulting.


Edif ERA

For critical industries and environments world-wide, Edif ERA provides engineering consultancy services to reduce risk, optimise performance and enhance capability.

ERA was founded in 1920 as The Electrical Research Association (ERA), and was the first research agency to be privatised in 1969.  In 1979 ERA formerly became ERA Technology Ltd, and subsequently part of the Edif Group from 2011. In the past four years, Edif ERA has acquired a number of respected companies, to create the current organisation including Earthing Solutions Limited, Persides, London Power Associates (LPA), Matthews Engineering Training, OST Energy and Cuerden Consulting.

In July 2016, the Edif Group including Edif ERA was acquired by the RINA Group.

To discover how the Edif Group can assist you further, please contact your local office or email us at info@edifgroup.com

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Following the acquisition of the Edif Group by the RINA Group last year, we are rebranding our engineering consultancy business, Edif ERA to RINA Consulting.

RINA Consulting has launched a new website www.rinaconsulting.org and we will be redirecting our engineering consultancy content from www.edifgroup.com in the coming weeks.

Please continue to use our website for Edif NDE, jobs, booking training courses and buying publications.