Edif ERA EEE Conference 2017: International speakers

Hear expert opinion on the impact of Brexit and Trump on environmental regulation affecting electrical and electronic equipment

Edif ERA’s annual “Electrical and Electronic Equipment & the Environment Conference” has, for 18 years, been the go-to event for hearing about environmental regulation affecting hardware, electrical and engineering products. This includes RoHS and WEEE, REACH, ecodesign, conflict minerals and associated topics such as the circular economy, extended producer responsibility and responsible sourcing.

The conference will explore the new political landscape of 2017, giving consideration to how both Brexit and a less interventionist Trump administration might impact upon existing environmental regulation.

On the subject of Brexit, we are delighted that Dr. Andrew Farmer of the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) is joining us. Dr. Farmer co-authored IEEP’s highly regarded “Brexit, the potential policy and environmental consequences” report last year. Since then, the UK has voted to leave the EU and the UK Government has initiated withdrawal negotiations through the triggering of Article 50. Dr. Farmer will discuss the legislative ramifications of Brexit, reviewing what it will most likely mean for the electronics and engineering industries in the years ahead. As someone who has researched and commented upon European environmental policy for the past two decades, we look forward to the insights Dr. Farmer will bring to the conference.

ADS is the UK trade association for the aerospace, defence, security and space industries. Brexit will impact upon this industry sector in various ways in the coming years, including through change in environmental regulation. Mindful of this, Richard Gale, ADS Aerospace Policy Advisor will discuss likely impacts, specific industry challenges and the role ADS is playing in support of its embers. Navigating Brexit presents many hurdles; hearing from such an active and technically well-informed trade association as ADS, on the environmental regulatory challenges, is likely to spark much interest.

The winds of political change also blew in the USA last year, with Donald Trump triumphant in his bid to become 45th President. Known for his various business interests, it perhaps comes as no surprise that President Trump would likely seek to curb regulation and take a less interventionist approach to environmental management. The US Environmental Protection Agency’s budget is poised to be reduced by a third. There is talk of considerable reform of the Dodd-Frank Act, and conflict minerals provisions arising under Section 1502 of the Act may be revisited.

Lynn Bergeson, Managing Partner of Bergeson & Campbell PC, a US law firm specialising in chemical regulatory compliance, will discuss what “life in the Trump lane” – the title of her presentation – means for industry. This is inclusive of change in the Environmental Protection Agency under its new chief, who appears to be set on dismantling a number of climate protection laws enacted during the Obama era. This has sparked something of a backlash, not just from some environmental NGOs but also from business. Whether they will be powerful enough to disrupt or delay any regulatory reform is another matter. Ms. Bergeson will attempt to steer a course through the politics and reflect on significant issues for chemical makers and users now and in the years ahead.


Dr. Andrew Farmer
Head of Industry, Waste and Water Programme Institute, European Environmental Policy

Richard Gale
Aerospace Policy Adviser, ADS Group

Lynn Bergeson
Managing Partner, Bergeson & Campbell PC

About the conference

Edif ERA’s annual conference is a unique opportunity to be updated on all environmental regulatory matters pertaining to engineering products from consumer through industrial to medical and defense electronics. Our invited speakers represent EU and UK policy makers, advocates, market surveillance bodies, industry leaders and technical experts. The subjects covered include responsible sourcing (conflict minerals and ethical supply chain management), substance restrictions and obsolescence (REACH and RoHS), sustainability issues (ecodesign, energy labelling, circular economy), end-of-life (WEEE and batteries), and similar requirements globally.

The conference takes place on 1-2 November 2017 at the Hilton London Heathrow Hotel (Terminal 4).

To book your place, please visit our conference webpage.

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